We launched our web site in a Turkish way, with music and ribbons

May the force be with the site…
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Ladies and gentlemen…I Welcome you all to my new website…

For years I was hoping to have a web site.So here it goes.I frankly can  say that I am pretty happy about this.


Why a web site?

As we have plenty of SOCIAL MEDIA sites on the planet, why would I launch a site of my own?

But here is where the story begins…

Because to me none of those tools are complete…

As I was in need of a web site where I can tell what I want to, play how I want to and put my videos as I want to, I felt that they were incomplete…and my friend Ertaç helped me to launch this web site…thanks to him…the payment will be next week…

I hope you’ll like it…

Make this your home page.Check it out everyday.For this, I promise that I will update all the news, music, photographs and videos constantly…

Respect…love… and other good things…



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  • 29/08/20 - 20:30 Nil Karaibrahimgil - Küçükçiftlik Park - İstanbul
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